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[New Product Promotion] Newly launched low current Darlington transistor array circuit AiP2003L AiP2
Release time:2021-07-01 20:45:19
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Introduction to Darlington Tube

The Darlington tube is a composite tube, which connects two triodes together to form a new equivalent triode, whose magnification is the product of the two, and is widely used in power amplifiers and regulated power supplies. The Darlington transistor array circuit contains multiple independent Darlington drive circuits, which are equipped with freewheeling diodes, which can drive inductive loads such as relays and stepping motors. Our company recently launched AiP2003L and AiP2803L new Darlington transistor array circuits.

main application

Used for high-power switching circuits, motor speed control, inverter circuits

Drive small relays, such as PLC, relay drive of small household appliances panel

Drive LED smart display, lighting circuit


At present, the drive current of relays, display screens and other devices widely used in the market is 50mA~300mA. At the same time, under the increasing pressure of the market for cost requirements, customers are still overusing the 500mA old-generation Darlington series products, resulting in redundant performance and high costs. In order to solve the customer's problems and adapt to the market demand, our company introduced the new Darlington transistor array circuit of AiP2003L/AiP2803L in due course. It is highly targeted, cost-effective, and has an excellent application experience in low-power solutions.


Darlington Transistor Array Series Selection Guide